GEA Ecoflex

Spare Parts for Air Cooler from GEA Ecoflex

Sealed, fully welded and soldered GEA Ecoflex air cooler are employed in the most diverse sectors. On board ship the air cooler from GEA Ecoflex are used to preheat fuels as well as to cool the ship’s machines and plant. GEA Ecoflex air cooler have very high heat transfer rates.

We specialise in suitable spare parts for GEA Ecoflex air cooler of the following types:

CT187 CT193 FA157 FA159 FA161
FA184 FA192 MP250 N40 NT100M
NT100T NT100X NT150L NT150S NT250L
NT250S NT350M NT350S NT50 VT04
VT10 VT130 VT1306 VT1309 VT130F
VT130K VT130M VT20 VT20P VT40
VT402 VT405H V VT405P VT40H
VT40P VT80 VT805 VT80H VT80M

If anything should be missing in the program, we can guarantee to obtain it.