We specialise in suitable pump spare parts from the following manufacturers:

This category gives a summary of all pump spare parts. Pumps serve to convey various media such as seawater, oil or fuel. They are used in nearly all industrial plants as well as on board ships.

On ships pumps are used as auxiliary units, among other things to cool diesel engines, to convey ballast water, to pump out bilge water, and also in the area of water supply and for fire protection installations. In industrial plants pumps are employed for example in water supply as well as in all cooling and circulating circuits.

Pump Spare Parts for Different Equipment Systems

We stock pump spare parts for all types of equipment. These differ from each other depending on the type and volume of the medium to be conveyed. Displacement pumps for example are suitable for conveying viscous liquids such as lubricating oil or fuel and also permit great conveyor heights. Displacement pumps include piston pumps, membrane pumps, eccentric screw pumps, gear pumps, and spindle screw pumps.

Rotary pumps or centrifugal pumps on the other hand are deployed when high flow volumes are to be conveyed. The continuous flow of the medium to be pumped permits a smooth process run.

Ship’s pumps for sea cooling water and for firefighting take water from the sea chests via suction pipes. These containers are positioned on the inner face of the ship’s side under the waterline and have openings towards the sea covered with intake gratings. Pumping seawater creates a higher susceptibility to corrosion. This means such pumps require more robust materials, for instance red brass or bronze for the housing and runner as well as chromium-nickel steel for the pump shaft.

Heavy Loading of Pumps Demands High Quality of Parts

Pumps must withstand extreme conditions on ships and in industrial plants. Damage to pumps leads to cost-intensive plant shutdowns and production stops which should be avoided at all costs.

We place particular value on the excellent quality of the pump spare parts. Whether you need cylinders, piston rods, soft packing, shafts or valves for your ship or industrial pumps – we will obtain the necessary high-quality spare parts for you without delay.