Compressor Spare Parts for Ships, Industry and Power Plants

We specialise in suitable compressor spare parts for products from the following manufacturers:

This category summarises the compressor spare parts. Compressors are used to compress gases. On board a ship and in stationary installations such as power plants compressors are the auxiliary units that assist smooth operation of a ship as well as effective process and production flows. During the compression process an existing volume is compacted into a smaller volume through a certain pressure. Various compressors are used depending on volume flow and pressure.

Compressor Spare Parts for Models with Different Cooling and Lubrication

There are compressors with air cooling and with water cooling. Air cooling is only possible up to a certain degree of engine performance, after which more efficient water cooling is needed.

Originally compressors were almost exclusively liquid-lubricated – usually with oil, and more rarely with water. This has two disadvantages: The lubricant has to be changed regularly, and the compressors must therefore be built in such a way that they can be maintained without difficulty.

Moreover the oil will condense after a time, and even minimal residues in the pressurised air can cause problems in sensitive operating areas. This problem does not arise on ships, however, which is why mainly oil-lubricated compressors are used on board.

High-Quality and Economic Spare Parts

Compressors are subject to extreme conditions in ship operations and when used in industry. That is why the demands on the quality of the compressor spare parts are particularly intense. We supply only high-quality and reliable compressor spare parts to avoid a cost-intensive failure of your compressors. From a database with several hundred thousand listed items we will offer you the required spare parts for your compressors without delay and at low prices. Whether you need air intake filters, seals, O-rings, safety valves or release valves for your compressor – our spare parts portfolio is practically gapless.