TMC Tamrotor

Spare Parts for Compressors from TMC Tamrotor

The compressors from TMC Tamrotor are distinguished by a small footprint and the fact that they can be used under very high temperature conditions.

We specialise in suitable spare parts for TMC Tamrotor compressors of the following types:


TMC6-8 TMC6-10 TMC9-8 TMC9-10 TMC14-8
TMC14-10 TMC18-6 TMC18-8 TMC18-10 TMC21-8
TMC21-10 TMC26-8 TMC26-10 TMC54-8
TMC54-10 TMC54-13 TMC65-8 TMC65-10 TMC65-13
TMC85-8 TMC85-10 TMC85-13 EMH21-8 EMH21-10
EMH21-13 EMH26-8 EMH26-10 EMH26-13 EMH35-8
EMH35-10 EMH35-13 EMH44-8 EMH44-10 EMH44-13
M90-8 M90-10 M90-13 M110-8 M110-10
M110-13 M132-8 M132-10 M132-13 M160-8
M160-10 M160-13 ML200-8 ML200-10 ML200-13
ML250-8 ML250-10 ML250-13 ML315 EWNA-10 ML315EWNA-13
L250-10 L315-13

If anything should be missing in the program, we can guarantee to obtain it.