Spare Parts for Separators from DVZ

DVZ stands for water treatment technology for all types of naval and industrial applications. The DVZ product range includes oil-water separation systems such as bilge water separators for use on ships as well as waste water treatment plants for offshore platforms.

We specialise in suitable spare parts for DVZ separators of the following types:

  • DVZ 1000 VC, DVZ 2500 VC, DVZ 5000 VC, DVZ 10000 VC
  • DVZ 1000PC, DVZ 2500PC, DVZ 5000PC, DVZ 10000PC
  • DVZ 150FSU, DVZ 250FSU, DVZ 500FSU, DVZ 1000FSU, DVZ 2500FSU, DVZ 5000FSU, DVZ 7500FSU, DVZ 10000FSU

If anything should be missing in the program, we can guarantee to obtain it.