Air Cooler

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Air Coolerserve to exchange and conduct thermal energy from one element to another. That is why they are used predominantly in heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems. This catalogue lists spare parts for Air Cooler.

Air Coolerconsist of plates with a wave form. Air Coolerare differentiated according to design into sealed, soldered, and half and fully welded.

Between the plates are hollow spaces. The media flowing through these flow passages are liquid or in gas form. Under the parallel flow principle two media of different temperatures flow in the same direction, which makes a complete equalisation of the temperatures possible. Under the counterflow principle two media of different temperatures flow past each other in opposite directions. In the optimum case a complete exchange of heat takes place. The counterflow Air Coolerhas the advantage that no energy is lost during the Air Cooler.

Sealed models are bolted together and plates can thus be quickly and easily replaced. They are sealed with rubber seals between the two plates. These are vulnerable to aggressive media such as ammonia. For this reason welded or soldered Air Cooler are used instead. These can however only be replaced completely or in modules (cassettes).

In our selection you will find suitable spare parts for every design of Air Cooler.

Areas of Use for Air Cooleron Ships

On a ship Air Coolerbesides the central cooling of main and auxiliary machinery take over further tasks such as the cooling of compressors or lubricating oil. For salt water applications titanium has proven itself as a plate material due to its high resistance.

In the stationary plants of almost all branches of industry there are also a large number of thermal circuits which require Air Cooler.

Large Selection of Parts for Air Cooler

The requirement on reliability and quality of spare parts for Air Cooleris particularly high. Whether you are looking for the right replacement plates or need seals, clamp screws and other spare parts for your Air Cooler, we are guaranteed to have the right parts in our selection.