Spare Parts for Compressors from Hatlapa

Besides winches and rudder engines for anchoring and steering ships the Hatlapa product range predominantly includes air and water-cooled compressors which are used both to start ships’ engines and also in the industrial sector.

We specialise in suitable spare parts for Hatlapa compressors of the following types:



W25 W30 W35 W40 W55
W80 W110 W140 W220 W280
W330 W420 WH55 WH80 WH40-IN
L13 L14 L15 L18 L20
L25 L35 L50 L75 L80
L90 L95 L100 L130 L160
L190 L270 L340 LHD25 LHD40

If anything should be missing in the program, we can guarantee to obtain it.