Spare Parts for Water Treatment Plants from Jowa

Whether silver ionisation plants, UV plants for disinfecting drinking water, mineralisation filters, drinking water chlorination plants and much more: Jowa manufactures all types of drinking water treatment plants as well as plants for treating oleiferous waste water.

We specialise in suitable spare parts for Jowa water treatment plants:

  • WDM
  • ODME 200T
  • DPS
  • CWM
  • SeaGuard
  • AG-S
  • F/2
  • F/R
  • F/L
  • FWU
  • STP 2010-25, STP 2010-40, STP 2010-60
  • UV1, UV2, UV3, UV4, UV5, UV31, UV41, UV51
  • WWS

If anything should be missing in the program, we can guarantee to obtain it.