Diesel Engine

You’ll find diesel engine spare parts here. Diesel engines are the technological heart of every ship. As the main unit they provide propulsion for the ship. As auxiliary units diesel engines are used for power generation on board, but also in industry for the power supply of stationary plants. The requirements on the reliability and operating security of diesel engines are particularly high.

Diesel Engine Spare Parts of Outstanding Quality

Shipping uses a wide range of diesel engines – from small auxiliary engines for sailing boats to large units for freighters. For light and medium performance it is mainly four-stroke engines that are used, and for heavy performance two-stroke engines. The fuel used in the big versions is usually low-grade diesel oil or heavy fuel oil.

Our long years of experience have taught us what our customers are looking for: The outstanding quality of the diesel engine spare parts guarantees you maximum performance of your engines at an economic price. No matter whether you need spare parts for your ship’s diesel or for one of your industrial diesel engines ashore – we can supply you with all the diesel engine spare parts you need for optimum performance in your engines.

Extensive Range of Spare Parts for the Products of All Well-Known Manufacturers

Our portfolio of engine spare parts ranges from small and wearing parts such as O-rings, injection equipment, gasket sets for cylinder heads and bearing shells to large parts such as pistons, cylinder liners, piston rods, camshafts, crankshafts and much more.