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You will find the right spare parts for separators in this category. The separations of liquid mixtures of different densities as well as the clarification of liquids are important processes both in shipping and in industry and are carried out by separators. On ships separators as auxiliary units ensure smooth operation of the ship through, among other things, treatment and conditioning of fuel contaminated by water and dirt particles. To guard against wear and tear in engine components and resulting losses of performance or breakdowns, separators on ships as well as in industrial plants likewise keep lubricating oil free of water and other contaminants.

Spare Parts for Separators of Different Functional Principles

We stock spare parts for separators of different functional principles. Most separators work by means of centrifugal force, by which different substances in a mixture are separated – mostly through very high rotation speeds. For a separator to be able to separate the substances in a mixture, these must be of different densities. In the separation of dirt particles and fuel the particles have a greater density than the liquid fuel and can therefore be easily separated by centrifugal force.

The liquids and particles of greater density are pressed by centrifugal force against the drum wall of the separator and separated out.

Some types of centrifugal separators are chamber separators (with ring-shaped fittings called chambers) and bowl separators (with conical bowls which offer more surface area for collecting solid substances).

Screw press separators work on a different principle, by which the solid substance is separated mechanically from the liquid substance by a rotating conveyor screw. They are particularly indicated where a large amount of solid substance is to be freed from liquid, for example to dewater the digestates in biogas plants.

Because of the strong forces acting on the inside of the separator during the separation process, the requirement on the excellent quality of the spare parts is particularly high.

Extensive Selection for All Types of Separators

Whether you are using chamber separators, screw press separators, jet separators, solid bowl separators or bowl separators – we will procure you the suitable spare parts for separators in excellent quality at economic prices.