Hasmman Services

Our Technical Service is providing technical assistance for our customers' operating and maintenance personnel. No matter if is a request for advice on instructions or working procedures, assistance in planned and unplanned maintenance, optimization of operations or handling warranty matters.

Special skilled engineers for the respective engine types, who in addition are familiar with the applications in power generation, are dedicated to render "a helping hand" for customers' personnel. Furthermore, Technical Service is the home base for our field service engineers and superintendents worldwide.

Service 1

Whether installing or commissioning, delivering planned maintenance programs or providing routine servicing and maintenance, our highly skilled and experienced engineers will help maintain your engines’ performance at optimum levels.

We provide full warranty and breakdown support as well as a range of additional services, including upgrading and relocation, and will liaise closely with suppliers of associated equipment to ensure that complete installations are returned to service speedily and effectively.

Key Benefits

- Cost-effective through-life support for a wide range of engine types
- Quality and reliability assured through genuine OEM parts and expertise
- Reduced downtime and lower running costs through more efficient operation
- Extended, more productive engine life
- Skilled engineers available worldwide
- On-site supervision of local staff to minimize costs