Spare Parts for Diesel Engines from MaK

MaK engines stand for high performance and durability. MaK’s product range includes main engines in the capacity range between 1020 and 16,000 kW and generating sets from 970 to 7680 kW. The long stroke of MaK engines has beneficial consequences for fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. Moreover, because of their high resistance MaK products are suitable for operating with heavy fuel oil. MaK engines are therefore used above all for numerous shipping applications.

281 AK 282 AK 331 AK 332 AK 451 AK
452 AK 453 AK 551 AK 552 AK 601 AK
332 C 453 C 552 C
601 C M 20/C
M 25/C M 32 M 32 C
M 35 M43/C
M 281 M 332 CM 32/ CM 32C CM 43/ CM 43C CM 25/ CM 25C

If anything should be missing in the program, we can guarantee to obtain it.